DigitalNote Official Transitional Statement

DigitalNote Official Transitional Statement

24 Apr 2018

Those familiar with DigitalNote's history may know that one of the hardest things that XDN has struggled with in the past was the unification of its community and developers. Traders come and go, but it takes a team of self-motivated, skilled developers and a passionate community to succeed. Together we've experienced numerous technical advances and progress since the coin's conception in 2014, when privacy coins were only first being experimented with. It all started as an anonymous cryptocurrency known as "duckNote" then evolved into "DarkNote", which added encrypted messaging, and eventually took a quantum leap into “DigitalNote" with blockchain staking and merged mining. DigitalNote started as a fork of Bytecoin, just like Monero, and is arguably more technologically advanced than many of its cryptonote brothers. Throughout the years DigitalNote has blossomed into a powerful force verses censorship and government surveillance. Worldwide events and the prevalence of leak culture have continued to transform our societies for the better, amplifying the importance of encrypted, untraceable technologies such as DigitalNote that provide truly financial privacy and P2P bank functionality.

After months of trying to contact the previous developers, XDN’s future looked bleak. Something had to be done. Veteran community members and skilled developers gathered together about a month ago in a dedicated effort to continue to bring DigitalNote to its full potential. Today we announce publicly that DigitalNote is now officially in active development. Long term success and legitimacy are of utmost importance to the core team and we look forward to remaining transparent and focused. We are excited to work with the community to provide stability and innovation to the DigitalNote network.

In the coming months we will see the first wallet update released from the new team with bug fixes and other changes. The full source code will also be available and compilable for all, unlike in the past. We will then be releasing open source pool software so that the network hash rate can be spread out more fairly to further secure the protocol. A web wallet will also be released that will allow users to access their funds securely from any web browser. There are many other features that we will incorporate into DigitalNote, but these are the immediate projects that are currently in development. We will also be revamping the website. This team is in it for the long haul and we look forward to meeting others who are like-minded and passionate.

Please join us on our new official community channels:






The veil has been lifted. True freedom exists.

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